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How to Restore Nothing Phone 1 from Custom ROM to Stock

Besides Samsung, the Flashfire app also works on Google, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, OnePlus, Huawei, and many more Android devices. AndroidMTK is a fine alternative, it also offers a detailed list of Odin versions and download link. After downloading it on your PC, extract it to Desktop or another location you’d prefer.

  • One big advantage of having a custom ROM is being able to get rid of bloatware .
  • Usually this issue can be fixed by changing a setting inside the settings menu and then restarting the app.
  • Instructions and software for flashing any firmware downloaded from here are included in the firmware download page.

Download one of the GCam APK port from above link for your phone and see how good or bad it is in comparison to the stock camera app. When you stock ROM (firmware) click on « get updates », it initiates an internet connection that downloads a few kilobytes of data (libs) and stores them locally.

stock rom camera apk

Aside from the changes on the log, you can perform some functions using the stock camera after the upgrade. Unfortunately, the camera stops working on some phones after upgrading. We tested it on the Redmi Note 10, and according to reports, the new Xiaomi MIUI camera app doesn’t work also on the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

  • Some slower hardware might struggle to play files with high bitrates.
  • Some versions of this port come with these two features.
  • It has a separate settings panel called Blissify from where you can change almost everything.

Explore the settings menu of the GCam version you’re using. On versions without a setting, it needs to be changed by the modder. Try another version, perhaps from a different modder and see if it works or report the problem to the developer. Some phones only support a few seconds while others support minutes. If a setting isn’t available, it’s possible that it works like the original GCam app. To use it, open Night Sight and if 1) it’s dark and 2) the phone is steady (on a table, tripod, etc) it will automatically enable the Astrophotography mode.

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